"Angela's work is both profound and gentle.  Even after just one session I felt a tremendous release of stagnant energy.  My body responded instantly to her healing hands.  Warm relaxing energy flooded areas of my body that have been long stuck due to early childhood trauma and as a residual to the energetic work I do as an Oracle and Life Coach.  Each time I've completed my session I feel taller, more balanced, alert and awake then ever before.  My heart is open and my already positive outlook is supercharged.  If you have chronic pain, mental resistance or old baggage that is weighing you down and you want to feel joyous and free in your body, mind and spirit again, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Angela Rose Fields before she books up!"

-Lia Dunlap, The Oracle On Purpose

“I really appreciated Angela getting to know the root cause of my situation and ailments. She was very professional and explained her processes as well as making suggestions for self care afterwards. 

I’ve had chronic sinus issues for a while. She was able to relive my headaches with lasting benefits. I’ve also had some traumatic events that had been weighing down my heart and creating blockages. I left our session feeling light, empowered and ready to move forward in the world. 

I am extremely grateful to have met Angela when I did. Nothing is more beautiful than having someone hold space for you and easing your pain. I would highly recommend her.”

-Monica Padden

“I can't say enough good things about this treatment! Angela took me on a journey into myself. It is almost three weeks later I am still unraveling and getting benefits from our session together. She gently facilitated a deep inner journey. I traveled within, to the outer reaches of the solar system and back again, ultimately coming home to myself and finding a profound release. I have never experienced such a deeply powerful, yet gentle and soothing modality. I felt supported and nurtured the whole time I was on the table, a feeling which continued when we sat together afterward and talked through my visions. Angela helped me make connections and understand some of the things I had seen. Once of the best and most rewarding experiences I've had in a long time. Thank you Angela!!”

-Sara Kitcher, Student of Massage Therapy

“My time with Angela was incredibly loving and supportive. She was able to give me solid steps to take to better myself. I do best with goals and she worked with my individual needs to tailor a program to what I could actually work with. My busy work/school/life schedule was not a problem, as all of our meetings were done via video. I felt that the 6 months working with Angela helped me find clarity around what I have to work on. She gave me many tools to have handy while working through my challenges and I still use them today. Her voice became the "positive voice" in my head when I needed it through tough times. I would highly recommend working with Angela. She was intuitive and sensitive to my personal needs. Plus, she was the best cheerleader I've ever had, reflecting my own greatness back to me which I even started to believe.”

-Danlyn Brennan, Biomedical Physicist/Research Assistant

“Angela has a true gift for holding space. She came into my life when I was in a pretty low place emotionally and after working with her, I can honestly say, I feel reborn. Before the actual healing session, Angela asked me to share what I was going through. This allowed me to clarify what exactly was causing me to suffer. I immediately felt comfortable with her and trusted that she wouldn’t judge me. Then she explained exactly how the healing session would go which eased my nerves about the unknown. We set an intention based on what I had shared. She caters to the individual. With me she used gentle touch roughly based on the chakras as well as, sacred gemstones, supportive music and some Om-ing. I felt thoroughly supported through out the experience. Angela has given me a fresh start having processed and released deeply rooted karmic ties. I feel blessed to have received her healing.”

-Emily Baumann, Yoga Teacher

"I was uncertain about what working with Angela would mean, or if I could afford it, but making that commitment was the best decision I could have made. She helped me reset my goals, personally, professionally, and spiritually. After three months together I am more centered, have improved self-care, and am unquestionably a happier person. Her open heart is apparent in all she does and I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

-Lauren Klimoff, Real Estate Agent

"Sublimely tuned-in and bolding honoring of my needs - My session with Angela transformed me in a deep way. She gave me exactly what I needed, when I needed it."

-Damien Genardi, Film Director/Producer

“I took part in Angela's group program.

The sessions were dynamic, fun and educational. They included the description and introduction of the concepts, videos, brief meditations, exercises and at home meditations focused on the topic that each module explored.

There is a strong gentle, warmth to the way she shares her knowledge.

I feel grateful I was exposed to the material she knows so well.

She showed me how to trust and follow the intuitive part of me in a welcoming way.”

-Fausto Otero

“Angela’s group program was amazing. She has such a wonderful, easy way of being that I felt like I was in the same room with her even though it was all virtual. The class is a great mix of guided meditations, journaling, and really valuable material, data and insights that she’s gained throughout her life and studies. It will absolutely deepen your understanding of yourself, your energy, and your intuition. You do not want to miss it!”

-Kim Geil, Coaching Heights