Thrive Plant Medicine Ceremony

Thrive Plant Medicine Ceremony


This is for you if:

You are looking to bust through limiting beliefs, have better energetic protection, or cleanse the Body/Mind & Spirit. This medicine is incredibly effective for healing the brain. Contraindication: SSRIs.

About the plant:

The Medicine is called Rappè (pronounces ha-PAY) and is made from the following plants: Tobacco leaves, Tsunu Tree ash, and Cumaru seeds. I have some of the best in the world, from the Yawanawa Tribe in Brazil. The following article gives you great information on the medicine:


Friday March 15th; 8pm-10pm in my Biltmore Suite. You will be notified on Friday of the exact room number.

Limited to 6 participants for the sake of time.

To prepare:

Please bring a bandana or handkerchief for blowing your nose (to cut down on paper waste), and a cup for spitting into as it can cause you to salivate.

Please eat and drink health food in the days leading up to allow for the most east. If you do not you made experience some physical discomfort.

You do not want to have much in your stomach for this ceremony, so please bring snacks or a meal to eat a couple of hours prior.

Please come with a personal intention in mind, and ready to open up to a beautiful healing group experience!



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