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Angela Rose Fields

Raised unconventionally and communally, Angela has never been a stranger to holistic health and alternative forms of healing. Her own journey of choosing it as a career and a life path came from traveling around around the world for several years on her own. Eventually she found her way back home- in the physical sense, to Portland, Oregon, but also in the internal sense of finding her calling within. Now she is committed to sharing this calling with anyone who resonates with her mission: to expand what is possible in the realm of health, our psyche and what we manifest in our lives.

Angela has studied and been certified in Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Health/Life Coaching, Yoga, Meditation , Advanced Energy Healing. In addition she dove deep into the studies of human consciousness, quantum physics, neuroscience, shamanism and many other forms of alternative therapy. She offers private sessions, group programs, facilitates community events, and is in the process of putting on retreats as we speak!