A Painful Truth About Growth

“They” don’t tell you that when you ditch your old bad habits there can be an awkward growing pain phase of loneliness.

Usually this phase exhibits grief as we let go of the past.

Usually this phase includes some self doubt, as we wonder why we are being so judgmental of others who are doing things we used to do not so long ago.

Often times this phase comes with a few painful “smack in the face” moments. They usually require some fierce self compassion, next level self care, and the ear of someone you trust.

…But…. if “they” were to warn you of the things to come “they” would also tell you this:

Patience! You are calling in a whole new world of possibility.

Dream bigger than you even think is possible for yourself.

You, my dear, are now running a new operating system (your body & your mind), and on the other side of this is expansion and magic beyond belief.

Call in your people (more of those ones you trust and love) and remain faithful that soon they will be here.

(To who ever needed to hear this. I hope it helped. Let me know in the comments below so I can follow along with your journey, too! And if you’re looking for your community come join me for my upcoming retreat.)

With Love,

Angela Rose Fields

Raw photo cred: Salim Sanchez

Raw photo cred: Salim Sanchez

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