Hello and welcome!


I was brought up very unconventionally....

Raised by Relationship Counselors who were pioneers in alternative holistic therapies, my norm has always been a little bit different than the average American.

By the age of fifteen I was sitting in India with spiritual masters.

At sixteen I was in Peru learning the art of sacred plant medicine ceremonies with shamans.

By seventeen I experienced my own "spiritual awakening". It was a very traumatic experience, due to the fact that I did not have a mentor through the experience. The gift in it, however is that it led me to find my passion in mental health, neuroscience, psychology, anatomy, mindfulness, healing through the human energy field, and mentoring others through spiritual awaken & kundalini rising experiences.

My formal training is in Integrative Nutrition, Anatomy, Holistic Health & Life Coaching, Yoga & Shamanic Channeling. My intuitive gifts allow me to tailor specifically to your needs. 

I truly believe that we all deserve to live a life of optimal health and happiness. In stepping into this place we have the ability to help lift others up, which let's be real- is what this world needs!

Any questions? Ask away- I personally read and respond to all e-mails. <3 Contact Me.